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Our main goal here at HelseID is to make it easier for you and your organization to securely share and consume health information.

Our stake in security is focused on the authentication of the end-user and the system the end-user uses to get health information from APIs.

Which values

What value does HelseID bring to your table?

What can HelseID help you with?

Strong authentication of end-users

Strong authentication of end-users (health personnel) for your applications and systems

Risk Assessment

  • Threat modelling

  • Attacker modelling

  • Measures and mitigations for well-known threats and attacks on the mechanisms we provide

Securing your APIs

We provide security mechanisms and give you important information that you can use in runtime to make sure you only share information with the correct party.

Architecture and development

  • Guidance and advice for building secure APIs and API clients

  • Choosing the right authentication for users

  • Choosing the right authentication for your API-clients

Establishing trust between your API and the API-clients

HelseID provides access control to your endpoints, and authenticates your clients to help you keep your data safe. Through our self service we also provide a trustworthy relation to the organization that uses the API-client software.

Self service

  • Access control for API-clients

  • Authorization on resource level (scopes)